BBC Jam time to do the maths

After reading Lord Puttnam’s account on BBC Jam I decided to carry out the obvious calculation 173,000 users for a final proposed spend of 150 million would work out at 867 pounds each!

I get the feeling I’m out of kilter with the general view but I thought that Jam went off in the wrong direction from its earliest days. For an organisation like the BBC with such a unique set of resources and archive to start making content afresh a la mode was always going to be the disappointment it proved – whatever happened to the digital curriculum? I know the BBC were hamstrung by the technocrats BECTA seem to be playing the role of poacher and gamekeeper here – but even more worrying that they went for that ground – a big strategic mistake in retrospect.

I agree that the last thing we want is the likes of the commercial offerings to gain any market ascendancy as a result creative commons and open source need proactive recommendation from the likes of BECTA now and schools need regular updater content banks and links perhaps shock horror even on CD-ROM or DVD. eLCs what a disaster.. are they scrapped yet? Scrap them now if not. A bit like NOF and Whiteboards really in education the centre keeps making mistakes and ignoring the wisdom of the chalkface

The BBC content should have been chunked, tagged media rich and downloadable and it should have been able to have been used in ways the BBC (even in their infinite wisdom) never imagine for. Instead they went after the middle ground of fatuous flash “interactive learning” in imagined zany so 1990s formats and in part as a result paid the price.

I think the BBC should use this experience to really engage with teachers, learners parents and others about the unique work they could do.


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