It’s about how we learn and what tools help

We all need guidance if we are to make the most of the new tools and opportunities that we face. Worse still, many technocrats and hardware manufacturers would have us look in the wrong direction for an answer. For the imminent learning revolution will come not from any particular technology but from a blend of past and current good practice, new learning approaches informed by brain research, developments in learning style analysis and findings in clinical psychology. In the next ten years, we will learn with increasing certainty how to make learning stick.

The use of ICT in all its forms may well have a dramatic and catalytic role to play in the learning revolution, especially as we learn more about subtle interplay between hearing, seeing and doing in the learning process. Yet for the moment we are in real danger of confusing the catalyst with the effect and while our gaze remains fixed on the technology, the dramatic learning opportunities it might assist may well pass us by. It’s time to stop enshrining and elevating the technology and focus on the learning.


3 Responses to It’s about how we learn and what tools help

  1. You focus on the individual’s attributes. I would only add that the learning revolution will also come from better connected learners, working collaboratively online, gaining from increased many-to-many connections in a social network, building trust, self esteem and thus risk-taking with ideas – the essence of ‘breaking though’ in learning. Add to that the respectful criticism of friends to support the evaluation of (personally) new ideas and you have a substantial basis for revolution.

  2. man in moon says:

    Good point Richard thanks
    and a useful prompt to get me to add more to the above to tell the whole story –
    that learning is a local, social process and the most usefull learning resource is another person prepared to help and packing some wisdom/strategies for mediation / perception …..especially if they arrive at the point that your learning penny has refused to drop..

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